FreeBSD/arm on a new SoC

Today I started work on porting FreeBSD/arm to a new SoC. I'm taking very detailed notes on this process, as well as attempting to learn from my atmel port how best to organize the port. I'll keep everybody posted and once I get far enough into it, I'll summarize the notes in a series of articles here. Hopefully this will help speed adoption of FreeBSD/arm on new hardware.

Speaking of new hardware, there's people working on a FreeBSD port to the NEO1973. Andrew Turner's email on the latest snapshot can be found here.


Henrik Brix Andersen said...

That's a great idea - I'm looking forward to reading more about this!

randomwalk said...

I'm working on something similar. Which device are you working on? Perhaps we could work together on this? (I will send you an email on the off chance that we are working on the same chip.)