Cisco and Observations of a new Mac user.

Last week I started at Cisco. The entire week I tried to figure out how to drink from a fire hose without getting hurt. This week, I'll be learning where to go for help with fire hose related injuries. :-).

Seriously, I've joined a very dynamic and energetic group here at Cisco. The job so far has been a blast, and I'm really enjoying the work. We're at the early stages of many things in my group, so it would be a little premature to talk about them right now. since Cisco hires a lot of people, they have managed to optimize the typical new-hire HR madness enough that I was able to get something accomplished last week.

And I even found time to tweak the new MacBook Pro that showed up on my doorstep. This is the first employer provided laptop that I've had in at least 15 years. The last one was a Tadpole Sparcstation II class machine... I knew that Apple had done a great job on the GUI, but when I was able to setup printers and get onto my Samba shares without doing more than a few key clicks to accept automatically discovered items, I was hooked. On my Windows box that I keep around for the rest of the family, these two activities took me a couple of days of hacking to get barely working some of the time. OS X Leopard just works, and I have all the unix tools I know and love.

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