Cross building gdb for TiVo series 2. First attempt fails to work.

OK. Flush with pride after the success of building tools for my TiVo, I thought I'd get the program that I built the tools for working. It isn't obvious what's going on, so I thought I'd build the debugger to look at the core files that I'd been able to get.

So, first the build steps:

tar xvf gdb-7.6.1.tar.bz
cd gdb-7.6.1
rm -rf intl texinfo/ sim
mkdir build-gdb
cd build-gdb
../gdb-7.6.1/configure --target mips-TiVo-linux --prefix ~/tivo/tools/mips-tivo --with-lib-iconv-prefix=/usr/local --without-expat
gmake install

It took a little bit of dorking around to find all the details, but the FreeBSD gdb port gave some good hints.

But this versions must be too new :(. All the core files I was able to generate failed to get a good traceback.

So, I'll give it another shot with an older gdb.

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