Hard Float API coming soon by default to armv6

All the CPUs that FreeBSD supports have hard floating point in them. We've supported hard float for quite some time in the FreeBSD kernel. However, by default, we still use a soft-float ABI. All the binaries use hardware floating point to do the math, but the calling conventions between routines passes the floating point values in integer registers to remain compatible with the soft-float libraries of the past. A new armv6hf was created, but that caused some issues with some ports, and the meaning of 'soft float' sadly was ambiguous between the soft-float ABI, and the soft-float libraries that implement floating point when there's no hardware FPU.

Over the spring and summer, I fixed ld.so so that it  can load both soft ABI and hard ABI libraries on the same system, depending markings in the binaries themselves. Soft float ABI and hard float ABI binaries have different flags in the ELF headers, so it is relatively straight forward to know which is which. Over the summer, I committed changes to the kernel to pass the relevant flags from the header to user land (since for a variety of technical reasons, once you get to user land, it's impossible to open the binary you are executing in the general case). I had planned on committing the ld.so bits as well, but my job got busy and now it's winter.

So, in the coming days, I'll commit the first set of changes to move to armv6 as a hard float ABI by default. The kernel doesn't care: it can execute both. The new ld.so will allow you to transition through this change by allowing old, compat soft ABI libraries to co-exist on the system with new hard ABI libraries. This change alone isn't enough, but it will be good to get it out into circulation.

After that, a number of changes will follow. Similar to the LIB32 stuff for x86, mips and powerpc, there will be a LIBSOFT build that you can enable on armv6. This will create the libraries needed for the transition, and will be used if we need to generate compat binaries for this stuff (the hope is that the number of old binaries that need to run on the new system will be small enough that it can be treated as a special-needs case, not one that's needed by default). The normal armv6 build will switch to hard float ABI by default. armv6hf will remain in the build as a compatibility arch, and will be removed before FreeBSD 11 since it was never in FreeBSD 10 (and could never be in FreeBSD 10 due to compiler choices). TARGET_CPUTYPE will grow a new type or two for those folks with really special needs that need to generate wither soft-float libraries, or soft-float ABI libraries (and this will be the mechanism used to support LIBSOFT builds).

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Raz said...

Thank you so much for doing this! I've been waiting in hopes for a long time to have this on the pi and other related devices!