Adding additional revisions

Adding other directories

Sometimes you need to add commits from other places / directories to a repo you've slimmed down. This post uses the timed example to offer some advice.


Fortunately for us, the SMM.doc directory was moved late in the game. As such, it was easy to edit the commit stream to remove that commit, and then replay all the commits that came after it. Fortunately, there was only one to remove the 3. clause (advertising clause). That was done by hand, committed and the original commit message pasted into the log. I then used git rebase to order this commit in the right place temporally.


For this directory, I followed a different path. After looking at this file (or should I say how it is currently called libexec/rc.d/timed), I determined there were only a few real commits. Since there were only 10 commits, I just created a dumb script to run in the FreeBSD root of a github mirror repo:

for i in $(grep ^commit /tmp/3 | awk '{print $2;}' | tail -r); do
        git show $i etc/rc.d/timed | sed -e s=/etc/rc.d=/rc.d=g > $d/$(printf %04d $j)
        j=$(($j + 1))
Where /tmp/3 had 'git log etc/rc.d/timed' filtered to remove all the bogus commits (eg the merge ones).

Once I had these in place, I was able to then import them into my repo by cd'ing to the root and running
git am --patch-format=stgit /tmp/timed-junk/*
I oopsed and let a merge commit sneak through, and if you do that too, you can just delete the file in /tmp/timed-junk. Also, don't know why it didn't autodetect the format, but with an explicit format it just worked.

This produced 9 commits that resulted in the same timed file as was in svn. I cheated a little and omitted the movement commits, and since this is in git, $FreeBSD$ isn't expanded. This time, I didn't bother to sort them into the stream chronologically since I have no automation to do that and 9 commits by hand was more than I had time for.

Push the result

Since I rebased, I had to do a forced push. Should someone come along and want to make this a port, I'll do the sorting of commits then and do another forced push then publish the final results under FreeBSD's github account rather than my own personal one.

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