FreeBSD SD/MMC stack talk

My talk for BSDCan 2007 on the FreeBSD SD/MMC stack is going nicely. The basics are done, and now I'm into the hard part of the talk: actually documenting the dataflow and interfaces between layers. This is the part of the talk that will be the call to arms: more work needs to be done to add support for all the latest SD/MMC goodies.

I'll post a pointer here once I've finished the talk to my slides with notes. Maybe people here can find any silly errors in them before the question and answer session of my talk brings them up. I'll also report on the status of the Standard SD Host Adapter driver that's been written, but not yet committed to current yet. The talk also gives a lot of background for these devices, and has a number of pointers to publicly available documents that thankfully nearly totally document all aspects of SD/MMC. The exceptions being mainly the DRM features of SD and the secure MMC extensions.

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