FreeBSD/avr32 spotted in the wild

A very preliminary port to the AVR32 has been spotted in the wild. Arnar Mar Sig posted a dmesg of FreeBSD/avr32. You can find his post through this link.

For those of you unfamiliar with the AVR32 architecture, it is an architecture that is used primarily in embedded applications. AVR may be initials familiar to many readers as microcontrollers. Atmel took its know-how and created a 32-bit version of this architecture basically from scratch.

You can find more information about the processor at atmel's web site, or at wikipedia.

The work here clearly is preliminary, but it is very cool none the less. FreeBSD embedded is on the move...

[[ typos corrected, I hope :-) ]]


jhb said...

Time for a new p4 branch it looks like. (I don't think SVN is quite ready for feature branches, plus 'svn merge' <<< 'p4 integrate'.)

Anonymous said...

It's great! that FreeBSD supports more and more embedded systems.