Mid august mips status update

Just wanted to jot out a quick status update on FreeBSD/mips.

A few weeks ago, diffs were sent out for review. The 6 patches are now down to three. gcc.diff, binutils.diff and pam.diff remain uncommitted.

pam.diff (now pam3.diff) has been receiving feedback from DES and others and is getting close. The first iteration was really far away from being commit quaility, but the last iteration may be the one that goes in.

gcc.diff has received feedback recently. Gonzo and I are in the process of digesting and understanding the feedback. We hope to produce a revised patch shortly, as there are a number of minor issues.

binutils.diff has had no comments. One person volunteered to look at it and commit it, but so far we're still waiting for feedback to make the patch better, or for it to be committed. If we don't hear anything one way or the other, I'll don my flame resistant suit and push it into the tree. There's really no issues with the patch that I can see. What is going to be a challenge is doing the vendor import of a few upstream files. Hopefully the volunteer will pull through and I won't have to learn how to do this in the new svn world. :-)

All the other diffs have been committed to the tree. It was gratifying to get positive feedback on them all, since I was worried more of them would have maintainer timeouts.

You can see the current set of patches in gonzo's patch directory. Grab only the latest pam patch there. The cddl.diff patch should be removed shortly, as I just committed it.

Had I been paying closer attention, I'd have written all this up for the FreeBSD status report.

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