More CardBus fixes

After I committed my previous set of CardBus fixes, reports came in about interrupt storms, first with 16-bit cards, and later with 32-bit cards. These have been corrected in my latest fixes. We always act the CSTS interrupt when we see it. In addition, I've changed the acking of the 16-bit ExCA register to only happen when there's a "R2" or 16-bit card in the slot. Otherwise we now skip it. Hopefilly, this will help the shared interrupt case as well by eliminating some PCI bus cycles...

The CSTS bit is interesting. It is the least well documented bit in the CardBus standard. It is unclear when it fires from reading the standard, but seems to be related to the card finishing its reset sequence. How this differs from the power-up interrupt, I'm not sure. I think we could further optimize the bring up of CardBus cards with it.

In addition, I noticed there's a READY bit in the ExCA CSC register. We're currently doing busy waits to bring up the cards, including a couple of millisecond long DELAYs. I'll have to look into the prospect of using that interrupt to get around these issues there.

Finally, I'm looking in earnest at the Alchemy Au1550 CPU for the OpenMicroServer port I'm doing. I've noticed that it uses a 16-bit PC Card interface. Maybe I'll finally need to rewrite the old PCIC driver from OLDCARD to make use of it (snagging the exca routines to make that easier). The OpenMicroServer has a CF card attached to it.

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