Rebuilding v7 sources on Venix, early results

I just started rebuilding the v7 sources on my Venix Rainbow on a lark. I'll post a full writeup, but here's a two early things I've learned.

First, it takes 1 minute to compile cat.c into cat. Yes, one full minute. On my normal server, it takes .1s of elapsed time. This is a 600x speedup since then, likely more since clang isn't known for being gentle on system resources.

Second, some compiler error messages are classic:
"getty.c", line 12: compiler error: insane structure member list
I have always thought getty to be rather opaque to use. The code is somewhat simple, but that simplicity doesn't lead to easy understanding in this case.

Most things not dealing with the filesystem are building w/o a problem. This is a pleasant surprise. Though the speed at which they are building isn't going to set any records. About 5% have issues that prevent compilation or linkage out of the box, though the problems look easy to fix. I started the build at 9:30. It's now 2 hours later and we're to building 'grep'. We're on pace for a rebuild of just the trivial foo.c -> foo programs taking 5-6 hours. This isn't for the more complicated programs like make or tar that have their own subdirectory.

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