v7 compilation for simple .c's in /usr/src/cmd.

After about 4 and a half hours of build time, I have results to share. There's 110 .c files in /usr/src/cmd. 85 of these compile and link (it's unclear if they run). 25 have a compile or link error:

  • accton, sa (lack of acct in libc)
  • ar, nm, prof, ranlib, size, strip (mismatch between NMAGIC/OMAGIC and ARMAGIC_X)
  • arcv (obsolete conversion program written in old style)
  • clri, dcheck, dump, dumpdir, icheck, mkfs, ncheck, quot, restor (inode differences)
  • dmesg (message buffer issues?)
  • getty (freaks out compiler)
  • graph (missing symbols for curses and libm stuff)
  • osh (old shell? Written in funky style)
  • ps, pstat (proc definition differences)
  • tc (silly compiler issue, trivial to fix, but I have not Tek4015 terminals)
So 10 classes of issues for the affected files. Not too terrible. But there's other issues that will need looking into. 'ld' compiles fine, but it works on pdp11 a.out files, for example. cc compiles, but doesn't have the venix specific switches. I've written a shell script to do this, not a Makefile, and the commands used aren't quite right. Venix appears to support different amounts of stack under the data segment (but without docs, it's hard to know what flags I need), but none of my binaries have those. There's NMAGIC and OMAGIC binaries that have different meanings, and so on. All this makes the 'file foo /bin/foo' differ. Plus I haven't done the more complicated commands, nor have I poked at the compiler apart from cc, nor the kernel really at all, nor the libraries, nor the .y files. And factor.s and prime.s are pdp-11 assembler, so I'd have to pull those in from somewhere.

But given that almost all the normal commands compiled just fine, and many appear to work gives me hope that I might be able to reconstruct the sources used to build at last parts of the system. For some reason, that's appealing to me, but I can't really articulate a reason why, or come up with why that might be useful. Though it seems like a fun background project to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Version 7 in a couple of  years. Though running it on a 35 year old computer at that point may limit its appeal...

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