Catching up

Things at my day job are finally starting to slow down a little, so I've been trying to catch up with a bunch of changes that I made at a breakneck pace over the past several months. These should be trickling into the FreeBSD tree over the next few days and weeks.

I've setup three different Atmel boards for testing this latest batch of changes. The first board is one that my company makes. The second is a Kwikbyte KB9202A (modified to have a 32kb iic eeprom, since I burned out the first one). The third is a new eval board that I'm going to try to get running FreeBSD/arm. It has uBoot on it, so will be a departure from what I've done in the past.

I've also setup my Gateworks boards finally, so I can get FreeBSD/arm on there for testing purposes.

I also have new hardware from Atmel that should be setup soon. As well as a cute little Atmel AT91Rm9200 based smart terminal that needs to find some time to get on my dance card.

I've managed to get the necessary infrastructure into place. I have a usb hub and a bunch of serial to usb dongles to create a makeshift terminal server. I'll be transitioning this to one of the atmel boards so I can at least put it to good use.

Anyway, now that it is looking like I'll have some more time I should be writing these more often as well.