Plat'Home provides OpenMicroServer

Plat'Home has generously shipped me an OpenMicroServer. Plat'Home has been doing Emebedded things for years in Japan. They used to have the coolest store to go visit in Akihabara, but that recently closed and now they are expanding their markets internationally through the web. I have fond memories of buying my first HappyHackingKeyboard there almost a decade ago...

So what is an OpenMicroServer? It is a ruggedized router with extra features to allow it to operate in a wider range of environments than just a router. It has DIO pins for control and monitoring. There's a console serial port, as well as an extra serial port. There's three multicolored LEDs as well. It operates over an extended temperature range. Inside there's a CF slot in case the built in flash is insufficient for your needs. Oh, and I almost overlooked the pair of USB 2.0 ports.

Under the hood there's an MIPS cpu inside the box, which is why they send it to me. I've started working on FreeBSD/mips support for it. There's a RMI Alchemy™ au1550 400MHz powering this box with 128MB RAM and 16MB Flash. It supports 3 ethernet ports. 1 10/100 port that also supports POE (to get power over the ethernet) and 2 that are 10/100/1000 gigE ports.

The only bad thing I can say about it is that it ships with Linux preinstalled... :-)

You can find more information about the specs here. Or general information about Plat'Home here.

Stay tuned for updates on how the port is going.