Marvell ARM support in svn

Rafal Jaworowski just committed support for a number of Marvell Processors. There are a number of commits going into the tree. He's just completed the first of these:
Introduce low-level support for new Marvell core CPUs: 88FR131, 88FR571.

From an earlier email message, we know that Rafal is working on support for Marvell 88F5182, 88F5281, 88F6281, and MV78100 SoCs.

The following peripherals will likely be supported:
  • EHCI USB 2.0
  • Ethernet
  • GPIO
  • Interrupt controller
  • L1, L2 cache
  • Timers, watchdog, RTC
  • TWSI (I2C)
  • UART

This is a fairly mature port that is going into the tree. It works with NFS or USB mounted root filesystems. The port is self hosted. Kernel and world builds succeed on the box. The box also boots to multiuser mode. Rafal has created a web page with all this information on it on the FreeBSD wiki at http://www.wiki.freebsd.org/FreeBSDMarvell

This is way cool news! Good Job Rafal.

Note: Much of this information was taken from a posting Rafal made to arm@freebsd.org.


gxemul update

Oleksandr Tymoshenko posted a patch to gxemul that allows FreeBSD/mips to boot on it.

I've committed it to the gxemul port. So now if you have gxemul or later, you can run FreeBSD/mips, the MALTA kernel. I'll post a howto and a pointer to a image in a few days.