Merging *BSD's usbdevs

Once upon a time, all the BSD's got their USB stack from NetBSD. With it came a usbdevs file. This file has grown and mutated on the different BSDs for some time. The time has come to merge them all back together. This sounds simple in theory, but in practice it is a lot more complicated. Different BSDs use different names for some vendors and some devices. Sometimes one is more correct than the other. Other times, they are merely both wrong. Still other times the names are the same, but the descriptions of the device are different. There's about ~2k lines in each of the files, and the merged file is closer to ~3k lines long.

I can do basically whatever I want to the FreeBSD usbdevs file to make this happen. The tricky part is justifying all the changes to a skeptical audience for the other projects. The other tricky part in merging is making sure that nothing breaks. Of course the final tricky part is getting the leg work done and the files committed quickly enough that they do not become stale. That's going to likely be the hardest part of all.