SD/MMC work

Recently, I've pushed many bug fixes from Alexander Motin to the SD/MMC stack. He's submitted a driver for the SD Assocaition's standard SD Host Controller, and fixed many of these minor issues as part of doing that. I've tested these improvements on my AT91RM9200 system that boots off an SD card.

There should be more support for MMC cards, as well as SDHC cards forthcoming. In addition, once I get a chance to review the sdhc driver, it too may be ready to head into the tree. I know that if I had such a working driver, I'd be able to work more on SDHC and MMC card support. The current AT91RM9200 box I have makes it difficult...

Stay tuned for more updates.


FreeBSD/mips updated

Here's an update in status to the FreeBSD/mips tree. David O'Brien has been working through issues one at a time to get things building, primarily getting gcc support merged in. After learning from David that more patches were needed than were in my blog, I spent some time collapsing changes from p4 into the main tree. I've updated my patches, and confirmed they work.

First, you can find the patches from my FreeBSD drop box. These patches are 42k right now. This is from my tree that I pulled at revision 183198, taken at 3:30pm MDT September 19th, 2008, for the nit-pickers out there. At this level, I'm able to apply the patch, do a buildworld and all the kernels except SENTRY5 build. To build things:

% svn update
% fetch http://people.freebsd.org/~imp/MipsSvn.diff
% patch -p0 < MipsSvn.diff
% setenv TARGET mips
% make buildworld
% make buildkernel KERNCONF={ADM5120,IDT,MALTA,QEMU}

I've just done the build testing at this point. Stay tuned in the coming days for how to setup a qemu or gxemul image and how to run this in emulated. I hope to get instructions for how to deal with real hardware a little bit after that. Right now the ADM5120 kernels are a little too big for the hardware that I have and it will take some time to sort out.

Hopefully we'll have these last 42k of patches into the tree in the coming weeks. I'll keep everybody posted. There are some additional fixes in p4 as well on top of this which I'm still sorting out, but those should be going in as well.


FreeBSD embedded (mips, powerpc, arm) update

The last week or so has show a spike up in FreeBSD embedded platform work. Fixes for mips and powerpc have gone into the tree. Support for a new ARM platform is getting ready to be committed. FreeBSD/mips is almost self-hosting in the svn tree (it has been in the p4 tree for some time). FreeBSD/powerpc and FreeBSD/arm continue to mature.

Thanks to a flurry of activity over the weekend by David O'Brien, the number of patches needed for FreeBSD/mips has been reduced to a set for libpam and for binutils. David cleaned up the diffs for gcc and pushed them into the tree in a manner that allows for easier upstream committing.

In addition, David has cleaned up a number of dangling nits in the build. This is the result of a slight mismatch between p4 and the code in FreeBSD's svn tree. Oleksandr Tymoshenko has looped back most of these changes into p4, and is working on resolving the conflicts that were generated. Once this is sorted out, Oleksandr or myself will generate a new set of diffs and go for the final push into the tree.

I'm looking forward to having a good base for FreeBSD/mips in the tree. I've been busy with a number of other projects and haven't given it the time that I really want to give.

On the PowerPC side of the ledger, Marcell Moolenaar and Rafal Jaworowski have been polishing uboot boot loader support in the FreeBSD/powerpc subversion tree. In addition, some bug fixes to and code polishing of the low level Book E PowerPC support have been committed. Many of these improvements were obtained from Semihalf consulting.

On deck to be committed soon is support for Marvell's Orion NAS chips. This code has been in perforce for a while now and is nearly ready for the FreeBSD tree. I'll keep everybody posted when that happens. I hope to have my DLINK DIR-615 Rev A1 working by then with this code, but time has been tight and there's already too many different projects afoot in my life.