New FreeNAS beta snapshot released (r5648)

We've released the next beta snapshot of FreeNAS.

You can read the release notes for all the details.

Here's a highlight of the issues that we've fixed since the last beta (r5606):
  • Upgrades from prior FreeNAS 8 beta releases are now supported.
  • zfs creation failures have been fixed. The gui would indicate it succeeded, but you couldn't share it.
  • ufs creation failures have been fixed.
  • booting off USB or SCSI cdrom is now supported.
  • Many disk initialization errors that showed up as odd failures have been corrected.
  • lagg has been introduced.
  • Errors in the network screen have been corrected.
  • The storage wizard no longer says 'of X' when creating the storage unit. This eliminates the confusing 1 of 3 -> 2 of 2 dialog heading.
  • Improved compatibility with IE and Safari.
  • The installer has been streamlined.
Also, I was pleasantly surprised today when I logged in and found 19 comments from my last blog entry. I'm not used to so many, so hadn't been checking. I'll be checking more here. I'll also write a blog entry to address many of the issues raised in them.

You can download the latest from sourceforge.