TivoWebPlus 2.1 changes

As you may know, I still have a HR10-250 in service.  I run TivoWebPlus 2.1 on the box. It mostly works the way I want it, although at times it is a bit slow.

I checked out the latest version from the sourceforge web site many months ago and found there's some issues with it that I'd like to fix.

I'e made the following fixes:

  1. Sadly, I didn't document very well where I got this fix from. It makes Movies show up as Movies and not as 'Not an Episode' in the ToDo and Now Playing fields. This appears to be a combination of my hacking, but mostly the work of "DJL". I think I downloaded it from a dealdatabase or other tivo forum posting, but I can't find it now.
  2. Fixed the long series number problem so episode numbers are properly displayed.
  3. Added a Thumb link so you can put those in your ToDo lists. I find this handy for quickly killing those things that Tivo thinks I might like, but I don't.
  4. Fixed a problem with descriptions being nothing but spaces (this may have also been a forum find, but I can't find docs for that either)
  5. Fixed a few problems with todofeed.tcl (not sure these are completely good, as I think I was trying to parse the output for something I did differently).
  6. Fixed a spelling error.
OK, these changes won't change the world, but since all work has stopped on TivoWebPlus, I thought I'd share them with the world.  You can find my cumulative patches here. If anybody recognizes #1 or #4 or can locate their origin, please let me know by commenting

I've also hacked together a todo database publishing api. It is crude, but it allows me to cancel shows I've already downloaded via ftp and such.  On the off chance people find it useful, you can find it here.

If you find these things useful, please comment. Not sure how many people may be interested, or if the TiVo hacking world has totally moved beyond this device...