ZyDas usb stick update

After my last entry, I noticed that Linux, OpenBSD and hps' new stack all have ZyDas drivers, at least for the ZD1211 and ZD1211B. hps' zyd driver appears to be a relatively recent port to his new stack.

I have the OpenBSD one builing on FreeBSD's current USB stack. I still need it for other reasons, and a MFC of HPS' stack will never happen, so if we want to support it in 6.x, we'll need one for the old stack.

I get to the part where the driver tires to setup the MAC with the RF specific register values when I get a panic. I've not had the time to debug it further, but hope to find that time soon.

My experiences with BSDcan showed that I needed both USB and CardBus wireless working...


Anonymous said...

Hi! I've got a USB- Wifi adapter, named "Lutec WLA-54L". It has the same Zydas chip in it. (On the CD, there is a Zydas-made Linux driver - version released on 2006/11/01; and drivers for Mac and Win.) What's the staus of your driver-hacking? I'd like to use it under FreeBSD, so if I can help, I'l do my best. (I've 6.2 on my laptop, and Current on my desktop machine.)

Anonymous said...

Hi, whether realisation hostap a mode for zyd the driver under freebsd is planned?