ooo builds!

After the shared library version bump, the xorg 7.2 transition and the new gcc compiler in the base, I started to rebuild everything. After some snafu deleted all my +CONTENTS files, I've finally managed to rebuild everything (I think). The last major thing was ooo. After my laptop would shut down for being too hot a dozen times, and having to play whack-a-mole to remove all the extra bogus junk that's accumulated in /tmp, I've finally been able to do a build.

The biggest lesson learned, apart from how fragile java can be on amd64, is that ooo itself takes 8G of disk to build. That's /usr/ports/editors/openoffice.org-2/work only, not counting the dozens of packages it depends on. I thought I was being insanely pessimistic when I installed /tmp with 10G and put my ports tree there. Now I see that I'm right up on the edge. I'll have to repartition my disk, or get a bigger one.

Now, if only kino worked on FreeBSD/amd64 and current. It isn't even compiling for me these days :-(.

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Stanislav said...

I've never builded OO myself for this reason. It was always affordable to install pre-build packages from the nearest mirror.

BTW, I've discovered that docs.google.com can nicely do almost all task I've done with OO before: i.e. viewing DOC and Excel files. For my own writings I use plain text files and LaTeX.