Random Acts of Kindness

I went to my old house yesterday. Like many others, my old house hasn't sold in a while. There was a showing today, so I had to shovel the snow off the driveway. While I was there I discovered a most interesting package on my doorstep.

It was a nice, large calendar of African animals in the wild. I hadn't ordered the calendar, so I was very confused. It was from Cafe Press, so I thought it was a dividend from an item I'd designed and put up there. But after shoveling a little I realized that couldn't be it: I've just bought stuff from Cafe Press in the past. I hadn't designed anything for there. I'd thought about it, but never put my thoughts into actions.

After I finished shoveling, I took a closer look at the package. I found a card I'd overlooked before. Inside the card there was a nice note thanking me for the USB and other bits of FreeBSD work I'd done. It was anonymous, so I don't know who to thank for this bright spot in a busy day.

It is the little things like this that really make my involvement in the open source community enjoyable.

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

And Thank You!

Schieni said...

Thank you for all your work for Open Source and specially FreeBSD.

Greetings from the city with the safest means of transport in the world.



Anonymous said...

Thank you very very very much...