FreeBSD/mips entering the tree

I've started committing FreeBSD/mips to the tree. It includes support for the ADM5120 SoC, a generic MIPS 4Kc in a Malta board, the IDT RC32434 (found on RB533) and preliminary support for the Broadcom Sentry 5 series of CPUS. It will likely be a few days before it is all in the tree and buildable. There's a number of issues that are cropping up as I'm pushing the code into the tree that weren't apparent until after the commits and merges back into p4. In addition, support for another platform is delayed pending approval to commit.

Look for more news, how-tos, etc in the days and weeks to come.


Florent Thoumie said...


Anonymous said...

Wow, thats great news, specially 'cos FreeBSD becomes a platform to enpower RouterBoards (MIPS 32 4Kc). Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Great news. I can't wait to try FreeBSD with some ADM5120-based device.