SD/MMC work

Recently, I've pushed many bug fixes from Alexander Motin to the SD/MMC stack. He's submitted a driver for the SD Assocaition's standard SD Host Controller, and fixed many of these minor issues as part of doing that. I've tested these improvements on my AT91RM9200 system that boots off an SD card.

There should be more support for MMC cards, as well as SDHC cards forthcoming. In addition, once I get a chance to review the sdhc driver, it too may be ready to head into the tree. I know that if I had such a working driver, I'd be able to work more on SDHC and MMC card support. The current AT91RM9200 box I have makes it difficult...

Stay tuned for more updates.

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Anonymous said...

cool :) hope it will be releseased soon !