Cassio Fiva's screen dead

I was very fortunate enough to get a Casio Fiva MCP-205 given to me in 2000. I've used this laptop for years. I built Mozilla on it once, and melted the frame around the LCD! This resulted in a new warning in the Mozilla build instructions. Since Casio is a Japanese company, and I got this as the result of my contacts in Japan at the time, my news of melting the Fiva spread like wild fire there. Recently, when I was in Tokyo for AsiaBSDCon people were asking me about it.

I've been using this laptop to do background builds, as a mobile terminal, firewire debugging platform, etc since I got it. Recently, i had put the laptop on the shelf. I'd not used it in the past 6 months or so for a variety of reasons. Last night I thought I'd give it a spin again, since I need a nice mobile platform. Sadly, while it was in storage the screen was cracked. I cannot get any text on the screen at all. I don't have the VGA cable so I could keep this laptop around as a server, since there's no console access. I cannot find an LCD to replace it, but I imagine that it would be expensive. More expensive than a modern netbook, which would be better for the FreeBSD project anyway...

It is sad to see this laptop give up the ghost. Every time I used it, I was reminded of the good times in Japan. I'll hang onto the laptop for a little while on the off chance I can turn up a replacement LCD, but I fear it is dead.

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