Melman Lives!

My son got a toy Melman at McDonalds in a happy meal a while ago. He love the thing. He pounds it on EVERYTHING. When you pound it, Melman says one of three phrases. Recently, however, Melman's voice started to give out. So I thought I'd replace the batteries. Should be easy, right, since those toys are just held together with a couple of screws.

Turns out it wasn't quite so easy. The screws are triangular. This means that a regular screw driver wouldn't work. I tried forcing it with some precision screw drivers I had, but they were all just the wrong size. A few google searches later and I found a few places that have them. The cheapest one sells bits for about $3.00. Currently, there's a catalog link here, but who knows how long it will last. I also found amermeida who sells through amazon that sells a screw driver for the triangle recessed screws for $2.00, but with $5.00 for shipping. I wound up ordering there.

Once the screw driver arrived, I removed the screws. There were L738H cells in place that were drained. I didn't have any of these cells on hand, and it was a cold night, so I raided my watch battery drawer in my shop. I had Energizer 392's. These were about 1-2mm thinner than the L738, but were close enough. I was able to bend the battery holder a bit and they slid right in. I snapped Melman back together, and I had a happy 2-year-old again.

Maybe I'll be able to repair other toys with this screw driver. I hope so, since I don't think the original toy itself cost $7.00. There's a couple of cars that he has which are held together with the same type of screw.

More on FreeBSD/mips another time...


Anonymous said...

For a few dollars more you could've gotten a cheap but functional 100-piece bit set that includes one!


Warner Losh said...

except that this doesn't include the specific triangular bits I need. It does have some triwing bits, but they are too big for cell phones or as a substitute for the proper bit. I actually bought this kit hoping for the best, but it didn't have the right bits.