DLINK DIR-615 REV C1 Redux

After hitting a dry hole with my DIR-615 REV A1, I thought I'd try the DIR-615 REV C1 that I have. It has an Atherose AR9130 in it. This is very similar to the AR7130 that the RouterStation I have running, and I thought it would be a simple matter to use uboot to netboot this code.

Again, I was mistaken. There's no way to break into the boot sequence for this device. The best I can hope for is to create a compressed image that's < 1MB and blow it into the FLASH partition for the kernel under linux. That would work out OK, if I had known good image to start from. Alas, I don't. And there doesn't appear to be an accessible JTAG header that I can use to write a new u-boot. Linux seems to protect u-boot from being overwritten as well.

But the biggest issue of all is that the FLASH is only 4MB in size. It would take some doing to get everything shrunk down that small. The DIR-615 REV A1 at least had 8MB of FLASH, which is doable. Maybe I'll perfect the kernel for the DIR-615 REV A1 on the Marvell eval board I have. Looking at the Linux sources, the deltas between these kernels are small and inconsequential for bootstrapping purposes. Hmmm, the Linux kernel just has support for the DNS-323, now that I look closely, but the required bits of hacking after I have a known good kernel doesn't seem huge. Plus, if I could get one good kernel on the box, then I could put a better uboot on there which would support the network for netbooting...

If I ever make good images for these boards, I'll be sure to post pointers to them here.

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Giorgio said...

any luck ? like the interface here guess I could look at the source but what is it anyway looking forward to the a1 action :)