FreeNAS 8 -- First alpha snapshots

My blog has been somewhat quiet lately. I've been busy with other things lately.

The biggest of the other things is FreeNAS. iXsystems stepped up to the plate late last year when FreeNAS was going to become a Linux based platform.

The iXsystems engineering team has moderized FreeNAS in a number of ways. We wanted a platform that was more extensible than the current m0m0wall-based framework allowed. We wanted to create a platform that could be expandable by modules (possibly not even written by us). We wanted to make it easier to upgrade the base FreeBSD release, as well as leverage more base FreeBSD technology that has been integrated into the system since FreeNAS was originally developed.

We've migrated the build to be NanoBSD based. This allows us to leverage the embedded work that has gone into NanoBSD. It also allows us to push some of the features that are important to FreeNAS back into the base FreeBSD distribution. NanoBSD gives us the flexibility that we need. Since we're using the FreeBSD package system to add ports and packages, users will be able to add their own packages (we'll likely expand the basics to use the PBI's that PC-BSD produces for ease of installation). We're using the normal rc.d system, so upgrading is easier as well.

On the GUI side we've moved to using django. This is a python-based front-end to sqlite3 which is extensible and easy to use. While we've kept things rather plain so far, we plan on jazzing things up a bit now that we have the basics working fairly well. Since the GUI is based on django, we'll be able to allow packages to hook into the GUI to present a united interface to the user.

The GUI calls into a middleware layer that manages the services on the box. This middleware is responsible for generating updated config files, as well as starting, stopping and restarting daemons on the system. The same code generates the files at boot as well. Having all the configuration data in one database makes it easier to upgrade from release to release, since you don't have to merge your changes into the config files: the system takes care of that details.

If you'd like to read about the nuts and bolts about trying out the latest snapshot, you can check out my forum post on the topic over at the FreeNAS forums.


Rockwood said...

It's great to hear that this incredible tool will live on! I'm really excited about the new developments and can't wait to play around with .8. Any idea when a beta will be ready????

Konstantinos said...

Freenas 8.1 it has a very slow web interface and doesn't work at Safari at all and i couldn't find ZFS configuration at all.

I haven't been able to test the actual NAS functionality other than the interface which will have a long way to beta.