DEC Rainbow Power Supply Specs

 DEC Rainbow 100B Power Supply Specs

For the next time I'm looking for this... The DEC Rainbow power supply, as documented in the TM100 technical reference manual, is:

Output: +5.1V +/- 6% 2.5-11.5A, +12.1V +/- 6% 0.6-6.7A, -12V +/- 7% 0.0-0.15A
Input: 115V 6A (218W)


Pin Function
2 DCBIAS (unused)
3 Key
4 -12V Input
5,6 +12V Input
7,8,9 +5V Input
10,11,12,13 Ground (DC Return)

Most ATX power supplies supply more 5V and less 12V than is needed for the Rainbow to power the system. However, the 12V supplies are in large part for the older disk technology in the Rainbow and if you are using emulators you can get by with a little less, though how much less is TBD.

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