The dog ate my homework.

People have reacted favorably to a recent commit that I made where I said that my dog chewed up a card so I couldn't test it. I thought people would be interested in seeing this card.

First, the commit message:
Convert to new style PC Card front end driver. Add support for the
NEC PC-9801N-J02 and PC-9801N-J02R. I can't test the former because
it requires resources that conflict with my laptop. I can't test the
latter because my dog chewed up my -J02R card and it didn't survive
well enough for me to test.

You can see the whole commit here if you are into that as well.

Several people remarked this was the first time someone used "The dog ate my homework" excuse in the project. So I thought I'd produce pictures of the card for your enjoyment.

Here's a shot of the top. Notice how one of the teeth punctured the outer shell...

Here's a shot of the bottom. The damage doesn't show up well in the photo, but there's many teeth marks here.

Finally, the force of the chewing popped open the case. Here's a shot of the inside. Notice how the pins to the PCMCIA connector are severed. Otherwise, the card is in great shape...


jhb said...

So you're going to solder the pins and test the snc(4) patches, right?

Warner Losh said...

Yes. I need access to a good rework lab/soldering station since what i have here at home is too primitive...

Maybe I'll see about booting -current on one of my pc98 laptops where the older card used to work...

Warner Losh said...

Someone sent me this privately that's related to this:


Translation: "Dog: I couldn't eat the homework because the boy who normally sits
here didn't do them.
Teacher: Excuses! Nothing but excuses!"