Low hanging fruit

Tonight was low hanging fruit night. I went through all the PRs that had "pccard" or "cardbus" and committed the easiest of the fixes. When I did this with USB last year there were maybe 50 of them I committed over the course of a few weeks. For PC Card and CardBus, there were maybe 5 or 6 that I was able to commit. And a similar number of stale ones. Unlike USB, there's only a few PC Card and CardBus bugs in the PR database, at least that are flagged as such.

I find this surprising, since any CardBus card that uses I/O ports hasn't worked in a while. And CardBus card whose CIS is stored in "Expansion ROM" won't work. There's a bunch of problems with some of the newer "ed" cards as well for PHY handling. At least I've recently solved some of the power issues, or I'd be feeling pretty low about the state of affairs. Fortunately, most people want a CardBus slot for a wireless card these days, and atheros chipsets are memory mapped.

The ExpressCard stuff is stalled at the moment while I ponder a difficult problem with resource allocation. There's likely a simple solution to this problem that I'm not seeing, but it likely requires thinking a little outside the box to make it totally effective.

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Pietro Cerutti said...

\o/ great job!

Probably cardbus is not the most widely used interface these days...